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Accreditation Commission Counselling body of the Government of the Slovak Republic

Basic Information

The Accreditation Commission (hereinafter referred to as "the Commission) was established by the government of the Slovak Republic (hereinafter referred to as "the government of the SR") in the year 1990 as its advisory body. The Commission is accountable for its activity to the government of the SR, to which it submits a report on its activity every two years.
Essential tasks of the Commission are to monitor and independently evaluate the quality of education, research, development, artistic and other creative activity of the universities. The Commission comprehensively reviews conditions under which these activities take place at individual universities. Based on independent evaluation, the Commission contributes to improving the efficiency and quality of the education provided at the universities and develops recommendations to improve the operation of the universities.
The Commission's activity is governed by applicable provisions of the Act on universities. The current Accreditation Commission continues the activity of the former committee that operated according to earlier legislation. However, establishment and operation of the Accreditation Commission in 1990 was an entirely new element in the system of university education in Slovakia compared to the statute before 1989. The Accreditation Commission is comparable to accreditation commissions that became active early in the 1990s. Today, only when the accreditation of university education is fully consistent with current European endeavours, including the Bologna process, we can properly implement the accreditation process in the Slovak Republic.

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