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About the Ministry

The Ministry of Education, Science, Research and Sportof the Slovak Republicis the central body of the state administration of the Slovak Republic for elementary, secondary and higher education, educational facilities, lifelong learning, science and for the state's support for sports and youth.

The Ministry manages schools and school facilities at the territory of the Slovak Republic through generally binding rules, by providing vocational guidance to all founders, it administers the network of school and school facilities in the Slovak Republic.

Though regional school authorities it provides for realization of the state administration. The competences of the Ministry are set out by law.

Study in Slovakia
Slovak Research and Development Agency
State Vocational Education Institute
The Agency of the Ministry of Education, Science, Research and Sport of the Slovak Republic for the Structural Funds of EU
National Institute for Certified Educational Measurements
Methodology and Pedagogy Centre
State School Inspection
Slovak Centre of Scientific and Technical Information
Research Institute for Child Psychology and Pathopsychology
International Laser Centre
IUVENTA - Slovak Youth Institute
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